White House Cat Litter Box

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White House Cat Litter Box

$119.90 Regular Price: $180.00
  • Brand: Furrytail
  • Material: ABS
  • Body Color: White
  • Weight: 5kg
  • Dimension: 51(L) x 49(H) x 46(W) cm
White House Cat Litter Box

Furrytail White House Cat Litter Box

  • Wide space, fits for most of cats up to 10kg;
  • Simple and modern design;
  • Awarded beautiful white house style;
  • Durable and solid for indoor use;

The White House (not the one for Trump) is a high-end cat litter box with modern design by Furrytail Studio. With a matte door, the white house has a low light room that fully keeps cat privacy. You can choose to open the door or close it to make it work as an open or enclosed litter box. Long grid and drawer type litter tray let you replace the litter easily.

Furrytail Cat Litter Box

Wide Entrance

Wide entrance and spacious room fit for most of cats up to 10 kg.

Covered Enclosed Space.

Allows cats to do their business in a quiet, safe and private space. Keeps the bad smell off the interior space. Prevents small dogs and children from enjoying the "treats" inside.

Enclosed Cat Litter Box

Long clean grid.

The long clean grid at the entrance can help cats clean the litter in their paws everytime they walk out, nearly eliminates litter tracking and provides a clean space for cat owners.

Easy to Clean.

Just pull out the drawer, clean the litter using associated scoop. Or entirely pour out them and replace with new litter.

Looks great, works better.

The modern design style complements any room, which can eliminate the awkward moments when your guests see you putting in a cat toilet in your room. White House is much more than an elegant piece of cat furniture.

Furrytail Litter Box

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  • $20.00 to United Kingdom, France, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Korea and Singapore.
  • $20.00 to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Poland and Portugal.
  • $20.00 to United States, Canada, Italy and Russia.
  • Other Countries: If you really like this product but your country is not listed above, please contact us before you place an order. Thank you for understanding.
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