Moboli® Capsule Cat Carrier for Kitties

Capsule Cat Carrier
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Large Cat Carrier

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$79.90 Regular Price: $99.00
  • Brand: Moboli
  • Material: ABS, TPE
  • Body Color: Light Blue, Pink, Gray
  • Weight: 1.3kg
  • Dimension: 47(L) x 32(H) x 31(W) cm
Capsule Cat Carrier

Extra Large Capsule Cat Carrier for Travel

  • Wide space, fits for most of cats up to 10kg;
  • Simple and modern design;
  • Awarded beautiful capsule style;
  • Durable and solid for outdoor use;

Travel in style with Moboli’s deluxe Capsule Cat Carrier! This comfortable carrier makes the perfect portable pet home for your furry friend, with a hard top and bottom designed to protect them from rain or turbulence, your little one will feel safe and snug in their portable home. Plus, a see-through front and multiple ventilation holes let in plenty of fresh air, so you can comfort your best pal on the go. Whether you’re moving across the country or just traveling for fun, this light-weight carrier makes it easy to get up and go!

This is a great cat carrier for cats who are in need of a more sturdy ride; particularly if you’re going to try to protect them from the stresses that can come with the ability to see all the action happening in the outside world. The sided air vents may allow your cat more visibility than you’d like, and the quick latching system will make assembly a breeze for you.

Moboli Cat Crate

Wide Entrance

Wide entrance and spacious room fit for most of cats up to 10 kg.

Moboli Cat Carrier

Appease Hole

Comfort your cat by offering gentle touch anywhere and anytime.

Large Cat Carrier Cat Kennel

More Features

Cat Carrier for large cat

Airline Approval

Please contact your airline prior to booking a flight to ensure this pet carrier meets their specific requirements.

Standard Shipping

Generally we ship the item by China Post, which is more economic than express delivery. It costs about 10 - 20 days to most of countries in the world, see details below:

  • $10 to Korea and Japan;
  • $20 to Main North America, Europe and Pacific Rim countries.
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