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Moonii Wall Clock

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  • Light Type: LED
  • Material: Ceramic + Resin
  • Input: 5V/2A
  • Dimension: 20(D) x 3(H) cm

Decorative Wall Lamp Clock with cord

  • Modern clock with unique design;
  • Hand made ceramic dial according to NASA's photos;
  • Reddot awarded design;
  • 2 working mode: clock and calendar;
  • Easy to install;
  • Best wall decor for bedroom.

The Luna Wall Lamp Clock is a whole new level of clock. The ceramic face has the texture and appearance of the real topography of the moon, and the plastic edge has LED lights built-in, that shine onto the face, create a stunning display.

Just by pulling the cord, you can cycle between the clock mode, that shifts the light as the hour goes by, or the calendar mode, that shows you the time of year. There's even a moon phase mode that lets you track the time between the new moon and the full moon. It's equal parts interactive art, and impressive mechanics.

Luna Lamp

How to Read Time:

Allows cats to do their business in a quiet, safe and private space. Keeps the bad smell off the interior space. Prevents small dogs and children from enjoying the "treats" inside.

Moonii Clock Time Moon Wall Lamp

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